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DescriptionSupermarketPriceOfferValid Until
Ambrosia Devon Custard (400g)Sainsbury's£1.0060p 
Ambrosia Light Rice Pudding (400g)Sainsbury's£1.0060p 
Ambrosia Low Fat Devon Custard (400g)Sainsbury's£1.0060p 
Ambrosia Rice Pudding (400g)Sainsbury's£1.0060p 
Amy's Kitchen Gluten Free Thai Red Curry (285g)Sainsbury's£3.50£2.50 
Angel Delight Strawberry (177g)Sainsbury's£1.40£1.00 
Askeys Treat Maple Syrup Flavour (325g)Sainsbury's£1.30£1.00 
Askeys Treat Milk Chocolate Dessert Sauce (325g)Sainsbury's£1.30£1.00 
Askeys Treat Strawberry Dessert Sauce (325g)Sainsbury's£1.30£1.00 
Askeys Treat Toffee Sauce (325g)Sainsbury's£1.30£1.00 
Aunty's Spotted Dick Steamed Puddings (2x95g)Sainsbury's£1.50£1.00 
Aunty's Sticky Toffee Steamed Puddings (2x95g)Sainsbury's£1.50£1.00 
Aunty's Strawberry Steamed Puddings (2x100g)Sainsbury's£1.50£1.00 
Bear Pure Fruit Yoyos Strawberry 20GTesco£0.60Any 3 for £1.2017/01/2019
Bol Smokey Tomato Lentil Protein Boosting Super Soup 500GTesco£2.00Save 50p Was £2.50 Now £2.0020/02/2018
Bol Sweet Potato And Cauliflower Immune Boosting Super Soup 500GTesco£2.00Save 50p Was £2.50 Now £2.0020/02/2018
Buckwud Canadian Maple Syrup (250g)Sainsbury's£6.00£5.00 
Cadbury Fudge Sticky Puds (2x95g)Sainsbury's£1.80£1.40 
Cadbury Milk Chocolate Sticky Puds (2x95g)Sainsbury's£1.80£1.40 
Clarks Original Maple Syrup (180ml)Sainsbury's£2.00£1.50 
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