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DescriptionSupermarketPriceOfferValid Until
Birds Eye Garden Peas & Sweetcorn 690gSainsbury's£1.50Only £1.50: Save 50p 
Birds Eye Select Mixed Vegetables 690gSainsbury's£1.50Only £1.50: Save 50p 
Florette Babyleaf Salad 100gSainsbury's£1.00Only £1.00: Save 65p 
Florette Superfood Salad 120gSainsbury's£1.00Only £1.00: Save 65p 
Sainsbury's Alstroemeria Abundance BouquetSainsbury's£5.0020% extra free 
Sainsbury's Avocado, Ripe & Ready x2Sainsbury's£1.80Only £1.80: Save 10p 
Sainsbury's Baby Courgettes 200gSainsbury's£1.25Save 50p: Was £1.75 Now £1.25 
Sainsbury's Bistro Salad 120gSainsbury's£1.10Only £2.00: Save 75p 
Sainsbury's Blackberries, Tangy 150gSainsbury's£1.25Only £1.25: Save 75p 
Sainsbury's Blueberries 400gSainsbury's£3.75Only £1.00: Save 21p 
Sainsbury's Carrot Batons 80gSainsbury's£0.70Meal Deal for £3.00 
Sainsbury's Cauliflower Cheese 400g (Serves 2)Sainsbury's£1.75Save 25p: Was £2.00 Now £1.75 
Sainsbury's Cheese & Tomato Pasta Salad 300gSainsbury's£2.00Meal Deal for £3.00 
Sainsbury's Coleslaw, Taste the Difference 300gSainsbury's£1.00Only £1.00: Save 15p 
Sainsbury's Curried Coconut & Lime Chicken Breast Mini Fillets 120gSainsbury's£1.75Save 25p: Was £2.00 Now £1.75 
Sainsbury's Deli-Style Coleslaw 600gSainsbury's£1.00Only £1.00: Save 20p 
Sainsbury's Free Range Fresh Egg Noodles 410gSainsbury's£1.00Only £1.00: Save 55p 
Sainsbury's Fresh Packed Rosemary 20gSainsbury's£0.70Only £1.35: Save 35p 
Sainsbury's Gladioli BouquetSainsbury's£1.75Only £1.75: Save 25p 
Sainsbury's Grape Bag 80gSainsbury's£0.55Meal Deal for £3.00 
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