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DescriptionSupermarketPriceOfferValid Until
Ambrosia Devon Custard (400g)Sainsbury's£0.9060p 
Ambrosia Light Rice Pudding (400g)Sainsbury's£0.9060p 
Ambrosia Low Fat Devon Custard (400g)Sainsbury's£0.9060p 
Ambrosia Rice Pudding (400g)Sainsbury's£0.9060p 
Batchelors Cup a Soup Greek Tomato & Black Olive (4 per pack - 96g)Sainsbury's£1.30£1.20 
Baxters Hearty Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup (400g)Sainsbury's£1.50£1.25 
Baxters Hearty Chicken & Vegetable Soup (400g)Sainsbury's£1.50£1.25 
Baxters Hearty Country Vegetable Soup (400g)Sainsbury's£1.50£1.25 
Baxters Hearty Smoked Bacon & Three Bean Soup (400g)Sainsbury's£1.50£1.25 
Blue Diamond Almonds - Honey Roasted (65g)Sainsbury's£1.50£1.00 
Blue Diamond Roasted Almonds - Sea Salt (65g)Sainsbury's£1.50£1.00 
Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds (65g)Sainsbury's£1.50£1.00 
Bounty Bar (10x30g)Sainsbury's£2.50£1.50 
Bounty Bar (4x57g)Sainsbury's£1.50£1.00 
Branston Baked Beans (4x410g)Sainsbury's£2.00£1.50 
Brunswick Canadian Style Sardines in Louisiana Hot Sauce (106g)Sainsbury's£1.0080p 
Brunswick Canadian Style Sardines in Soya Oil (106g)Sainsbury's£1.0080p 
Brunswick Canadian Style Sardines with Hot Peppers (106g)Sainsbury's£1.0080p 
Burton's Fish 'n' Chips - Salt & Vinegar (6x25g)Sainsbury's£1.60£1.00 
Burton's Fish 'n' Chips - Variety (6x25g)Sainsbury's£1.60£1.00 
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